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Since 1979, the Center for Nonprofit Advancement has strengthened, promoted and represented its member nonprofit organizations throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Learn More»

WORKSHOP DC Nov. 10-17!

Truth With A Camera will hold its next workshop back in the U.S. where it was first founded in 1994. This intense, week-long workshop will be held in the nation’s capitol in conjunction with FotoWeek DC, one of our proud partners. Join Lynn Johnson, Karen Kasmauski, and Ron Londen as well as dozens of others at this powerful workshop. Seats are limited. Register Now»

Truth With A Camera

Our mission is to educate photojournalists, not only in current technologies, but in understanding cultural differences and similarities and to contribute to truth, ethics, and social justice. Our goal is to reflect honesty, sensitivity, and intelligence in photojournalism, and to use these as tools to inspire, educate, and promote change in the world around us. Through the workshops, photojournalists will experience international location coverage working with Nonprofits and NGOs and develop an understanding of their social responsibility to provide voice to all members of society while stressing truth and ethics in an effort to bring about social change. Learn about partner organization Journey Group»
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